Writing Review and Intro to Photography

Today we will:

  1. Discuss projects
  2. Apply Menchner reading to projects
  3. Learn the basic elements of photography – types of photos and basic elements photographers look for in photos
  4. Judge an online photo contest
  5. Talk about your slide shows – the kinds of photos you should be shooting


Kinds of Photos

Informational photos—Tell you who the subject is and/or offer a record of the event.

Passive photos – Show a person posing for a photo. This can be when the event has already happened. The photo may say something about the person or the environment and can add to the story.

Active photos – Show people involved in an event. These photos tell stories. They show people interacting with their environment. They capture the essence of what the story is about. Most of your photos should fall in this category.

The Elements of Photography

These are the nouns and verbs of your image.

  1. Content/timeliness/storytelling capacity
  2. emotion
  3. light
  4. rule of thirds
  5. layering
  6. perspective
  7. personality of subject
  8. sense of place
  9. impact
  10. mood
  11. graphic
  12. surprise
  13. juxtaposition

Rule of Thirds

Place key elements near or at the intersection of these lines

You Be the Judge — photocontest

West Side Pieces

What photos will you need for your stories?

1. Scene setters — establishing shots

2. Middle-shots — here is where you tell the story

3. Close-up — reveals character

Five week blogs due today. Assignments I will be grading:

  1.  Dan Gillmor’s “We The Media” Introduction & Chapter 1 (posted on UB Learns)
  2.  Comment on the following websites. What can we learn from each? http://missionlocal.org, http://nycitynewsservice.
  3.  Steve Buttry Blog entry on “Finding and developing story ideas.”
  4.  Picking the Right Media for a Story http://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/picking-right-media-reporting-story.
  5. Melvin Mencher’s News Reporting and Writing, Chapter 7 (The Writer’s Art) (posted on UB Learns)
  6.  Writer’s Tool Box
  • Read: Kenneth Kobre’s “Photojournalism: The Professional’s Approach” Chapter 1
  • –Write: Assignment 1 draft due Oct. 13
  • –Think: What will your slideshow look like? What sort of story do you want to tell?





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Jody Biehl is the Director of the Journalism Certificate Program at University at Buffalo.
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