Photojournalism and Ethics

Discuss photos posted on blogs. How well to they tell the story you are trying to tell?

Multimedia roundup

Lens Blog — portraits in Dubai

Pollution in China 

Pollution with captions

NYT – One in 8 million

Photo Ethics

Basic guidelines

Photo ethics examples


AP Pulitzer photos


James Foust’s “Online Journalism” Chapter 10 (Gathering & Editing Media)

Chapter 10 Gathering and Editing Images, Audio and Video

  1. Journalists can no longer specialize –‘Backpack/Mojo Journalist’ Must be able to write, take photos, record video
  2. Equipment – flipcams, camcorders, dslr cameras, microphones
  3. Recording & transferring
  4. Microphone basics
  5. Basic shot types – long, medium, and close-up
  6. Composition is critical
  7. Eye space, lead space, and head room
  8. Proper framing of a sound bite
  9. Basic image editing

Digital Journalist 911

  1. What role did photojournalism play in coverage of 911?
  2. Do you think it helped revive photojournalism as the editorial claims?
  3. Do you find it valuable to listen to the stories photojournalists have to tell? Is their story part of the story? Find one entry that interests you and write about it. Why did you find it interesting? What did you learn? How does it apply to the class?



About jkbiehl

Jody Biehl is the Director of the Journalism Certificate Program at University at Buffalo.
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