Soundslides and Audacity

Today, class meets in Capen 212, the TLC.

We will review the basic Soundslides and Audacity software. Both are free!

The Buffalo News

If you are having trouble with Soundslides after class, read: Soundslides Tutorial

If you are having trouble with Audacity, read: Audacity Tutorial

DUE:  drafts are due for your written pieces.

Work: Slideshow with captions due Nov. 10. Bring your finished Soundslides project to me on a thumb drive.

Your slideshow should have:

  • at least 10 photos taken by you (you can have other supplementary photos if your narrative needs it, ie childhood photos, photos of neighborhood 20 years ago etc.
  • at least one scene setter and one close up
  • captions (two sentences — the first describes the scene, the second advances the narrative)
  • title and credits

Read: blogically-thinking

BLOG REVIEW – 10 Weeks – All assignments must be posted by Nov. 10. Below is a list of what I will be looking for:

  1.   “Photojournalism: The Professional’s Approach” Chapter 1
  2.  “Online Journalism” Chapter 10 (Gathering & Editing Media)
  4. Find one entry that interests you and write about it. Why did you find it interesting? What did you learn? How does it apply to the class?
  5.  Charlie Beckett “SuperMedia Saving Journalism so it can Save the World” Chapter 2 (“Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No! It’s SuperMedia!” (Posted on UB Learns)
  7.  Sound Stories (posted on UB Learns)

About jkbiehl

Jody Biehl is the Director of the Journalism Certificate Program at University at Buffalo.
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