Schedule: weeks 6-10

Oct. 6

Discuss leads and nut graphs and general story progress

Intro to photo – learn the language of the image. How do photos “talk” to us differently than words. How can we use photos to best convey scenes?

–Read: Kenneth Kobre’s “Photojournalism: The Professional’s Approach” Chapter 1

–Write: Assignment 1 draft due Oct. 13

–Think: What will your slideshow look like? What sort of story do you want to tell?

Oct. 13

Digital Photography – what works and what doesn’t. What sorts of photos do you need for your pieces?

–Look at how major news sites are using slideshows to enhance coverage

–Discuss slideshow ideas

–Introduction to Soundslides

DUE: Assignment 1 draft (three to five typed double-spaced pages)

–Read (1) James Foust’s “Online Journalism” Chapter 10 (Gathering & Editing Media)


–View: Find one entry that interests you and write about it. Why did you find it interesting? What did you learn? How does it apply to the class?

–Write: Post short response to today’s reading assignments on your blog

— Do: Post 5-10 photos on your blog that pertain to your topic. Give your photo sequence a title.

Examples of ideas that might work:  a day in the life of a person relevant to your topic, a community event, rebuilding a house, a protest, the journey to campus. The sequence must include one scene setting shot (wide angle) and at least one character shot (close-up).  Make every photo tell part of the story.

— Come to class prepared to talk about your slideshow topic

Oct. 20

Discuss photos posted on blogs. How well to they tell the story you are trying to tell?

Discuss basic photo editing techniques – cropping, color enhancement, sizing etc.

–Read: Charlie Beckett “SuperMedia Saving Journalism so it can Save the World” Chapter 2 (“Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No! It’s SuperMedia!”

–Write: Post short response to today’s reading assignment on your blog

— Rewrite: Rework Assignment 1 following my notes

— Rework: Photos following class critiques

Oct. 27

Discuss photos for slideshows

Soundslides intro

Intro to video

Due: Rewrites

Read: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production

Work: post 10-12 photos for slideshow on blog

Nov. 3 Class meets in the lab – location TBA

Due: Photos for slideshow

Discuss photos

Soundslides  — captions tutorial

Audacity tutorial

Optional readings:

If you are having trouble with Soundslides, read: Soundslides Tutorial

If you are having trouble with Audacity, read: Audacity Tutorial

Work: Slideshow with captions due Nov. 10


BLOG REVIEW – 10 Weeks – All assignments must be posted by Nov. 10