Schedule: weeks 11-15

Nov. 10

Intro to video

–Intro to video. Thinking about stories, characters, movement. Why do light and sound matter? What is the 180 degree rule? How do I use a microphone? What is b-roll and why does it matter?


What is the future of journalism?

Discuss ideas for second written piece, audio slideshow or video

–DUE: Soundslides project

Read: Charles Layton’s The Video Explosion

Do: Critique this Seattle Times multimedia project

Optional video help which you do not have to blog about: Herbert Zettl’s “Video Basics 3” Chapter 5 (posted on UB Learns)

Nov. 17 (Class meets in a lab, location TBA)

Troubleshooting in the lab.

–Read: Clay Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody” Chapter 3 (Everyone is a Media Outlet)

–Critique: Jeff Jarvis’ blog. Find a post and critique what he says at

–Write: Post a short response to the reading on your blog


— Discussion of social media and how it is affecting journalism

— Discuss final projects – video/audio slideshow or written sidebar

–Read (1): Bret Schulte’s The Distribution Revolution

–Read (2): Jay Rosen’s advice for journalists:


Write: Post a short response to the reading assignments on your blog.

Write: A short post on what you have learned this semester

Dec. 8

Final class

Screenings/viewing of final projects


Final projects due by the start of class.

–BLOG REVIEW: Fifteen Weeks